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SBGA News: Low cost shipping ideas

Every small business owner faces the challenge of both keeping costs down and maintaining good service quality in this very highly competitive world. Both are the means standing up to the competition and growing the business at the same time. Entrepreneurs may gravitate to the large shipping companies for services and that is not always the smartest idea. There are carriers out there that have very attractive shipping rates and are sincerely looking for business.

SBGA Discounted Shipping

The biggest reason to use a company that offers low shipping rates is cost. Being able to reduce the expense of moving the product by 10 percent to 20 percent is nothing to walk away from. The reduction will allow a small business to drop the handling costs from the final bill given to the customer. Consumers appreciate not having to pay a handling cost and this is the first step in developing a reliable clientele.

Low rates do not necessarily mean poor quality. A regional carrier may offer lower rates for deliveries in multistate areas and at the same time have superior services. These can include tracking systems and security for the packages. The same companies can also reduce rates even more if you are willing to add a few days onto delivery. Not every package has to be overnighted to somebody. A carrier that already offers low rates can reduce them even more if a few extra days are added.

The other companies can provide good service at rates lower than the major carriers. Some even have hybrid services that will use a large carrier or one part of the shipping process. A small business owner should take a look at alternatives to see where the best deal can be arrived at. There is no need to automatically choose a large carrier just because of its name.