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Electronic Payments by SBGA - Small Business Growth Alliance

Acceptance of electronic payments, like credit cards, is absolutely necessary for successful businesses. Payments are fast, easy, and simple and reduce the amount of time customers wait in line, increasing their overall satisfaction with your business.

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Customers are used to having a variety of payment options when making purchases. Most people have at least two credit cards in their wallet while some have little to no cash.  Accepting credit cards is good for your customers and is good for your business too.  In fact, customers that use credit cards as a form of payment spend more than those who choose to pay with cash. 

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Other forms of electronic payments include gift cards, online shopping carts, and even checks. Gift cards give customers a reason to become loyal spenders by bringing them back into a business to redeem the gift, usually spending more than the gift card amount. Online shopping carts keep your business open for sales 24/7 and offer ways to get rid of old inventory easily, as well as promote new products.

Electronic payments even have ways to turn your checks into credit card transactions, allowing you to accept larger payments while eliminating the potential for bounced funds. 
With all of the potential for increased customer satisfaction and increased funds, there’s no reason not to consider accepting credit cards and all types of electronic payments at your business. Electronic payments enable a simpler, stress-free transaction for both your customers and your business.